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The 9th International Conference on
World-Class Universities (WCU-9)


Live Streaming

About WCU-9

The Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is pleased to announce that the 9th International Conference on World-Class Universities (WCU-9) will be held online on November 18, 2022. The theme for WCU-9 is “World-Class Universities: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era”.

Over the past few years, world-class universities were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities face immense challenges as online courses increased, international mobility changes, and budgets fall. In response, world-class universities are committed to leading innovation in learning and teaching, maintaining excellence in scientific research, transforming university governance, and enhancing international communication and cooperation, which will contribute to the future global development in times of uncertainty.

World-Class Universities (WCU), commonly recognized as global research universities or flagship universities, are essential in developing a nation’s potential for development in the knowledge economy and in seeking conceptual and practical solutions to daunting challenges. To continue and further deepen our previous conferences’ discussion on building world-class higher education systems and the indispensable roles of WCUs in teaching, research, and service, particularly in the uncertain post-pandemic era, WCU-9 will shed light on WCUs’ challenges and opportunities in response to the changing landscape of higher education and our society as a whole.

All stakeholders, including policy-makers, university presidents and senior administrators, academics, and ranking analysts, are encouraged join in the discussion and share their valuable viewpoints and experiences on the above and other issues related to a carrying topic of the WCU-9 conference.

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Beijing Time Event   Topic     Speaker   
  Opening Session   Moderator: Prof. Niancai Liu
8:30-9:00 Opening Session Welcome Remarks

Prof. Zhongqin Lin
President, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Mr. Osher Gilinsky
Sales VP and General Manager Asia Pacific, Academic and Government, Clarivate, China

  Session I   Moderator: Prof. Niancai Liu
9:00-9:30 Session I-1 Exploring an integrated model of assessing and improving college student learning in China Prof. Jinghuan Shi
Professor, Institute of Education, Tsinghua University, China
9:30-10:00 Session I-2 A flaw in the "world-class-universities" narrative and how to fix it Prof. James Mittelman
Distinguished Research Professor and University Professor Emeritus, School of International Service, American University, USA
10:00- 10:30 Coffee Break        
  Session II   Moderator: Prof. Futao Huang
10:30-11:00 Session II-1 Shaping the future of a leading university with HeXie education ecology and learning mall Prof. Youmin Xi
Executive President, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
11:00-11:30 Session II-2 The global missions of world-class universities in an era of uncertainty Prof. Baocun Liu
Professor and Director, Institute of International and Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China
11:30-12:00 Session II-3 Assessing research impact – what does it mean in today's dynamic world Dr. Gali Halevi
Director, Institute for Scientific Information, Clarivate, USA


Beijing Time Event   Topic     Speaker   
  Session III   Moderator: Dr. Zhuolin Feng
14:00-14:30 Session III -1 Have world-class universities risen to the pandemic challenges? Prof. Jamil Salmi
Global Tertiary Education Expert
14:30-15:00 Session III -2 Japan's new world-class university scheme based on national bonds Prof. Akiyoshi Yonezawa 
Professor and Vice-Director, International Strategy Office, Tohoku University, Japan
15:00-15:30 Session III -3 The essence and mission of world-class university Prof. Hong Shen
Chair Professor and Director, Center for Higher Education Research, Southern University of Science and Technology, China
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break    
  Session IV   Moderator: Prof. Niancai Liu    
16:00-16:30 Session IV -1 Impact of COVID-19 on higher education teaching, student learning & research: Implications for world-class universities Prof.  Ka-ho Mok
Vice-President, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
16:30-17:00 Session IV -2 The difference between "globalization" and "internationalization": Implications for science and WCU building Prof. Simon Marginson
Professor of Higher Education, Department of Education and Linacre College, University of Oxford, UK
  Closing Session   Moderator: Prof. Niancai Liu    
17:00-17:30 Closing Session Closing Remarks
Dr. Zhuolin Feng
Associate Professor, School of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Prof. Futao Huang
Professor, Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, Japan

Prof. Simon Marginson
Professor of Higher Education, Department of Education and Linacre College, University of Oxford, UK